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English at St Andrews (EASA) is an award-winning company.  We provide a range of personalised English training experiences hosted in the 5 star setting of St Andrews, Scotland.

EASA is a family business and this enables us to deliver the personal touch. Our objective is to enable you to return home with a much improved level of English, while also providing an enjoyable and memorable experience of Scotland.

The range of EASA experiences incorporates four elements - English, golf, culture and whisky. EASA works with you to design an individually tailored programme mixing these activities to suit your goals, ideal length of stay and personal preferences.

Are you a company executive looking to fine tune your Business English? Or are you perhaps looking for a unique and inspiring incentive for your team?  We can assist you with our Business English and Corporate Incentive packages.

Alternatively, if you are an individual or family looking to experience Scotland – not just the country, the culture and traditions but also the English language then why not consider an educational holiday with English at St Andrews?

Everything about the service you will receive is 5 star - our highly personalised approach, expert team and unique location in Scotland.


Choose the focus of your programme:

English focus

If you priority is to make the most amount of progress possible with your English, why not choose one of our experiences with an English focus? The training can be as intensive as you would like.  An EASA trainer will work with you in advance of your arrival to make sure your programme is individually tailored to meet your needs and objectives.  

Interested in golf, whisky, culture?  Why not combine your English training with one, some or all of these elements.  The combination guarantees you a truly multidimensional experience.

To find out more about our experiences with an English focus click here.

Golf focus

Play golf in and around St Andrews, world renowned as the home of golf.  We will put together an experience according to your wishes - select courses to play, organise tee times, transport, tips from Denis, lessons with a Pro etc. 

Would you like to improve your English while also improving your golf?  Simply let us know the combination of elements you would like to accompany your experience with a golf focus. Tee times can be organised at a wide range of courses such as St Andrews New, Jubilee, Eden, The Dukes,  Kingsbarns and Crail Golfing Society (7th oldest golf club in the world) to name a few. We can even put your name forward for the daily ballot to play the Old Course itself.  Thus far we have had a 100% success rate in helping our clients to secure a tee time on the Old Course.

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Culture focus

Scotland offers a unique combination of beautiful coastal scenery, the Highlands, ancient castles and fascinating history.  Experience what makes Scotland so unique, come and hear the stories and get to know the country’s history and its people. Visit some of its many famous castles such as Glamis, Stirling and Edinburgh or simply join us on a historic walk around St Andrews itself.

Complement your experience with golf opportunities, whisky tasting or English training.

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Whisky focus

EASA offers you the opportunity to get to know  and even sample many of the varieties of Scotland’s national drink and to visit some of the world famous distilleries that produce this much-loved drink.  The number of varieties and range of flavours are great.  EASA can help to organise your own personal whisky tour of the country. Let Denis help you to enhance your knowledge of Single Malt Scotch Whisky by hosting an evening which explains the various regions and incorporates a blind tasting session featuring the heavenly output of 6 or 7 famous distilleries!

The experience can be complemented by a mix of culture, golf and English training.   Our award-winning company offers an exceptional combination of elements, making your experience personal and above all memorable.

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