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Golf and Scottish Culture

Are you looking for a luxury experience with a difference?  An experience of Scotland that gives you a real insight into Scottish culture, our English language and traditions?

Stunning St.Andrews  

We chose to locate our business in St Andrews for many reasons; it is the birthplace of the great game of golf and hosts a range of fantastic golf courses and it is a historic coastal town with stunning beaches and ancient architecture.  St Andrews University was the seat of the first University in Scotland.  It attracts students from all over the world, and two former graduates were the Royal couple themselves - Prince William and Kate Middleton!

English Training and Culture 

While providing you with an unforgettable experience of Scotland, you will also have the opportunity to improve your English language skills. EASA representatives accompany you on many of the activities, giving you the chance to practise your conversational English.  There is also the opportunity for more structured training. Past clients have greatly enjoyed these sessions which can include a variety of topics, including an A-Z Tour of Scotland!

Learn more about the different exciting opportunities we offer:

So far EASA has provided experiences for a wide range of clients.  See our last testimonial describing an Experience Golf programme designed for a group of Swedish executives.

The beauty of the EASA programmes is that you are able to choose the focus you would prefer.  All of our programmes are individually tailored, guaranteeing that your needs and preferences will be met and that your time in Scotland will be a truly memorable one!

Contact us now to find out about how we can design an experience specifically for you