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EASA ONLINE - Communicate with Confidence

EASA offers a range of services which you can sign up for independently or as a follow-up to your EASA course. Our EASA ONLINE services can all be accessed from the comfort of your own home or office, wherever you are in the world!  

Currently, our key services include:

Improve my speaking

This is our most popular service!

When you sign up for our  'Improve my Speaking' service you will receive a weekly call from one of our highly qualified trainers.  The calls last 30 minutes. During the sessions you will practise your English by discussing a range of interesting and engaging topics with your personal trainer.  

How it works is that you agree a topic with your trainer prior to the call.  Some topics may relate to a TED talk, which you'll watch in advance of your call.    

During the call your EASA Trainer will take notes on any mistakes you are making with your grammar, vocabulary or pronunciation.  Following your call, you receive a detailed and personalised feedback report  highlighting any errors you made, the correct version and areas for further practice.  

The total time you need to invest in this service is minimal (up to 80 minutes per week).

And the benefits?

Signing up for this service shows that you are making a commitment to your English - this means that you have taken an important step towards learning and improving.

Better communication skills in English= more effective and productive in the workplace = increased confidence = greater success at work = increased profits for you and your business

Many of our clients believe that this service has been a great benefit to them and their business:  

"It was great talking to you!  It really has been helpful having our regular calls in English as I noticed that my oral skills improved quite fast.  I can articulate myself better in English which is really important in my role as a global HR Communicator.  Being a communication professional I know how the right use of words can help you to gain acceptance and respect in a business environment.  And Lauren did it for me - the fast feedback via email helped me to remember the words I didn't know and to hear how the words should be pronounced. " E. Neumann, Germany.


Improve my writing 

There are two parts to this service:

1.  Improve my grammar

2.  Edit my documents

Improve my grammar

Many of our clients feel that although their English is of a good standard they are still making mistakes with their grammar.  They know that they are making mistakes but are unsure as to what the correct grammar would be.  This is where we come in!  After an initial in-depth assessment of your needs via an online test, we then target your learning plan around the key grammar items that you need to learn/practice further.

You will be assigned work in advance of each call to complete.  The first 30 minutes of your Skype session will be focussed on discussing the grammar exercises you had to complete and the second half of the session on a new grammar topic.  Following the call you will be assigned the next set of assignments to complete for that week.

This service does require a bigger time commitment - around 2- 2 1/2 hours per week


The benefits of this service are huge!  Not only will you become a more accurate and effective communicator but you will also demonstrate an excellent command of the English language.  This is impressive in any setting, especially in business.  Understand the rules of the language will also give you greater confidence and ensure that you are making the very best impression on any colleagues or clients you are dealing with in English.

Hear what others had to say:

"The editing service is still supporting me in my daily work.  I am now sure that they communications being sent to 111,000 employees worldwide are clearly understood."

"Support by email from EASA is much appreciated.  It provides the opportunity to write my communications quickly and accurately in English.  It feels good to know that the English in the message that I send out to European colleagues is the same English that is written in the UK and that it is written in a good style and without any grammatical or spelling mistakes."


Edit my documents

Does your company deal a lot in English, in terms of internal and external communications, delivering presentations etc.?  This service is one that can deliver great benefits in terms of making sure that your communications are clear, accurate and up to native English speaker standard.

There are risks associated with written communications that contain grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, that have a poor style, use words that are a direct translation from their first langauge but that we do not say in English.


EASA is able to edit any document type, and help you present the very best image to both your own colleagues and clients.  Do not underestimate the value of this.  If you are also dealing with English native speakers then it is important to present your documents clearly and with a written style that they are familiar with.  EASA can help you to achieve this.  Depending on the length of your documents, EASA will return them to you fully corrected and up to native English speaker standard, within 24 to 48 hours.

EASA delivers a free trial of all of the above services.  Contact us now for more information.