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Improve your speaking with EASA ONLINE

English is at the core of everything we do

As a business or individual, being able to communicate in English is a great advantage and we can help develop your skills quickly and effectively.

Discover more about the English language at a level that suits you. Our creative and engaging courses are designed using advanced training techniques so our clients gain the maximum benefits and achieve their potential.

View a sample of our English Experience 14 Day Timetable. Download >

Our unique approach

  • Unique learning methods where you combine 1-to-1 or group based learning with off-site learning environments
  • Tailor-made English courses designed to meet you and/or your company’s needs

The location

  • A dedicated training and conference area within The Old Course Hotel, St. Andrews
  • We are based in Scotland so you will be fully immersed in the English language

The format

  • Courses available are 5, 7 or 14 days in length (14 day course can be split into two 1 week courses)
  • Needs analysis prior to arrival to maximise the effectiveness of the course
  • A Business, General or Academic English training programme is designed to meet your particular needs and goals
  • Intensive and residential programme to maximise learning and confidence with follow up packages also available

Discover the benefits

  • Become a more effective communicator in English
  • Total immersion + targeted learning = quick progress
  • Learn from native speakers and highly qualified ESOL professionals

A testimonial from one of our english students

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