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Improve your writing with EASA ONLINE

Today, companies are often required to present their materials in English.  As a professional, it is vital to communicate accurately without grammatical and spelling mistakes and using the correct vocabulary.  All of this creates the right impression for you and your company and ensures your message is communicated effectively.  Accuracy and writing style are not always easy to achieve, particularly when you are under time pressure and tight deadlines. 

Do you communicate frequently in English but feel that you lack full confidence in the quality and accuracy of your written and spoken communications?  We can help.

'Edit my English' 

Forward your official emails/presentations/business letters to EASA and a member of our editing team will correct any mistakes allowing you to communicate with confidence and give the best impression.  Learn more about our english editing service

'Speaking skills practice'

Do you make regular telephone calls in English but still feel your English is not improving? One of our experienced trainers can arrange a weekly practice call with you and together, you can role-play different telephone scenarios that are relevant to your job. Learn more about our speaking skills service  

Combination support service

Why not sign up for our combination service, and make a positive and lasting impact on your English language skills? Learn more about our combined package

Feedback from one of our clients:

“It was great talking to you! It really has been helpful having our regular calls in English as I noticed that my oral skills improved quite fast. I can articulate myself better in English which is really important in my role as a global HR communicator. Being a communication professional I know how the right use of words can help you to gain acceptance and respect in a business environment. And Lauren did it for me- the fast feedback via email helped me to remember the words I didn’t know and to hear how the words should be pronounced. Additionally the editing service is still supporting me in my daily work- I am now sure that the communications being sent out to 111.000 employees worldwide are clearly understood.” –  E.N, Head of Global Communications, Bayer AG

If you have any queries or would like to learn more about our English Communication Service simply contact us