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International Business Consultant

International Business Consultant

“We have had such a wonderful 2 weeks in Scotland. We experienced that the two weeks in your English course for businesspeople helped us, back in Sweden, to continue to improve our English on our own. It gave us the motivation to continue to read English books, see English movies without subtitles, to look back at our study materials and search on the recommended websites for information. Through the personally targeted homework you reached everyone at her or his specific English level. But the most important result was that the course gave us the self-confidence to speak more naturally and fluently.  The content of the whole course was a really good mix; language classes (exercises in talking, discussions, presentations, listening, reading, spelling, pronunciation, how you stress the words etc. etc.) combined with playing golf and cultural trips. To meet the two generations of teachers was perfect. We will never forget all of you!”

Christina Klintberg – Experience English


6 months later…

“Once again, we’re so happy we did it. Our training with you has given us several assignments this year! We just ended up with an assignment for around SEK 300.000. That´s good! And the customer is very satisfied!!!”